Is now a good time for a side hustle?

According to a Bankrate study, 40 million adults say they hustle beyond their nine-to-five. Maybe you’re working a second job to pay off debt, or you have dreams of starting a project or business but cannot afford to up and quit your full-time job  yet. If you’re considering starting a passion driven side hustle, but are unsure if now is a good time this is for you.

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01. You don’t see a future in your current career. 

I think we opt for discontentment way too fast. It’s okay to remain happy in your full-time job, even when you no longer see yourself there long-term. Don’t disqualify what quite possibly may be a bridge job. Use discontentment as a motivator, not a seed for negativity and self-pity. If you’re feeling unfulfilled or uneasy about your full-time gig, now is a good time to start working that vision out of your head and unto paper.

02. You care more about passion, than profit.

You already have a job. You’re working at least 35 hours a week, and that’s how you pay your bills. But you are still unsatisfied. Your passion to have a food blog, make handcrafted jewelry or produce radio drives you far beyond the immediate satisfaction of finical reward. You aren’t seeking a reward, you’re searching for fulfillment. This is a sure sign that you have what it takes to work beyond what’s required, and make it happen.

03.You have support. (Or at least understand it’s importance)

Quite frankly, not everyone is lucky enough to have this. And some of you may not even need it. But I would say it definitely helps. Having a network of other hustlers around you will inspire and motivate you. If you don’t have people in your corner rooting for you, following like-minded people online who are in the field you’re hustling after will help tremendously. Don’t be intimidated by people who are successful in your area of interest. These are the people you want to be around.

04. You have trouble sleeping.

When your head hits the pillow at the end of the day, what do your final thoughts settle on? Passion is more than an attraction to something, true passion becomes uncomfortable within us when it sits for too long. It builds inside of us, as we brainstorm our ideas continue to attach themselves to that passion; growing it even more. If your passions have become heavy, then my friend I would suggest it’s time to begin showing the world what you’re capable of. Don’t stay awake at night thinking about your dreams, live your days fulfilling them.

06. You can pay your bills.

The world is extreme. It’s constantly demanding unrealistic results from us. The world screams that we must pursue our dreams at all cost. Be reckless! You only live once! Yet, it bears us responsibility. Don’t be irresponsible! Don’t pursue “fake careers”! Where the world is extreme, we must settle upon balance. I would not recommend quitting your full-time job to pursue your passions. Nor would I say spend 100% of your time only sowing where there is financial reward. You must decide what is realistic for your life. Your time, your finances, your drive. Find routine and rhythm. If you can pay your bills; it’s time to hustle girl.


05. You’re reading this article.

I’m not usually one for serendipity. But if you’re here, and reading these words. I’d say it’s time. It’s time to start your side hustle.


What’s your side hustle? Or what would your side hustle look like if you decided to make the jump? Comment below. I would love to know.