Believe it or not, 2018 is almost over. That reality has the potential to make you feel all sorts of ways. It could give you a sense of comfort, knowing that the year is coming to a close and you can finally have the fresh start you feel you’ve needed. Maybe dread and anxiousness because you haven’t completed even half of the things you wanted to when coming into 2018. Or quite possibly, if you’re calm and collected and having a great year… you’re neutral to its end. However you’re feeling, and no matter the year you have had I think it’s always a great idea to finish strong. Maybe even stronger than how you started.

Revisit and revise

Weather you made a tangible “New Year’s Resolution” list or not, it’s likely you took a mental note of a few things you would like to accomplish throughout 2018. Think back to this time last year, where you were in life and what you were doing. How your mentality was, and what you thought you knew. Now compare that to where you are right now, in this moment. When I did this, I laughed. I laughed because I am always finding myself in a position of accepting how incredibly wrong I was. A year ago today I believed many truths that now I understand were lies. I had goals with unrealistic tact. I disqualified myself in regards to things that were certainly reachable. I fought too hard for certain things, and gave up too easily on others. I am sure if you honestly look at yourself then, versus now… you will identify very similar things that I have in my own life. So why should we revisit and revise? Because you are not the same that you were 10 months ago. Your life could look very different now, or maybe your life looks the exact same as it did a year ago and you’re not okay with that. Revisit and revise does not mean throwing everything out the window and starting over. It means being gentle with yourself while accepting what’s true.

Choose a method of reflection. Spend some time alone with a journal, and begin reflecting on where you’ve been, where you wanted to be… and what your reality is today. If that’s too mushy for your taste then go on a drive and do some thinking. There’s no wrong or right way to think. – as long as you aren’t OVER thinking-. After doing this, start your mental revision. Revision is not about fitting as many forgotten and neglected tasks into the next five months as possible. It’s about prioritizing what’s important to you, and those around you. Ask yourself three important questions. 1. Is it benefiting myself, and/or those around? 2. Is it creating momentum for my future? 3. Is it giving me life, or stealing my joy? If these questions don’t work for you, create your own. Create a frame to filter what a true priority looks like in your life. Then, make it happen. There’s a big difference between a to-do list and cultivating a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Manage what you already have

Most people want more. More money, more time, more stuff. What do you want more of? No really, answer that question. It’s okay to want, and it’s okay to think about what you want. But are you managing what you already have? And an even tougher question to consider… How well have you managed what you have over the last 10 months? If you were to take a look at your bank statements for 2018 thus far, would you feel good about your spending? (And no, I do not mean your bills… nobody feels good about spending money on bills). I’m talking about your everyday spending. The one dollar, five dollar and ten dollar decisions. Learning to manage what you already have will better equip you to manage the “more” that you’re looking for. More will only make you more. What do I mean? Well, if you’re an angry greedy person who only thinks about themselves… having more money would not miraculously make you a generous person. More money would only magnify your selfishness. But, if you’re compassionate and generous with what you have right now, the “more” would magnify that quality.

Healthy management creates order. Having order over your desires (your finances, your time, your goals) will help grow them. 

Break a bad habit, or two

We all have them. It doesn’t even have to be anything incredibly profound. What’s one, two or even three things you do habitually that you just wish you would stop doing. Biting your nails, making excuses not to go to the gym, never creating time for yourself, never saying the word “no”… The hypothetical list of bad habits is long. Pick a few that you’re guilty of and craft a plan to put them behind you. Don’t overwhelm yourself with ten things. Focus on a handful, and master them.


Chances are, you’ve had a few victories in the last 10 months. Count them! Big, small; Intentional, accidental. It does not matter. Always hold tight to what’s going right. Celebrate those victories. Pat yourself on the back. Then move on. There’s a reason we don’t celebrate our birthday for the entire year, it’s weird. So don’t overstay at a party you threw for yourself either. Holding on too tight will make it impossible to ever open hands to something new. Be grateful while keeping open-hands.