Blogs You Should be Reading in Your 20s

I’m a girl power kinda girl. Uplifting others, especially when they’re killing it in the same field you yourself want to be in, is important. And maybe even crucial to your own growth. Empowering others does not displace your own value. Listed below are some of the most creative, articulate and passion driven women online. Whoop whoop!

The Confused Millennial is a blog for… well, confused millennials. Rachel, the founder and voice behind TCM is a 20-something college grade who just couldn’t find herself fulfilled. The goal with TCM is to help other confused millennials navigate the “adult world” (finance, career, business, etc.) while still captivating what fuels our soul (Netflix, traveling, and awesome lifestyle products). Think of it as your perfect place for balancing work-life, adulting-chilling, and personal-professional growth.” – Rachel 


Advice from a Twenty Something was birthed in 2012 by Amanda Holstein. Amanda has created something truly dynamic. A space of not only lovely aesthetics, but well written content that is worth your time. Now 28, she has experience both in life and in the blogging world that will leave you inspired. “I certainly don’t have all the answers, but the lessons I’ve learned (from others’ experiences as well as my own) seem to have taught me well. So ask away, my friends. I may be young, but I am also wise – according to grandma – and she’s pretty damn smart.” – Amanda 


Elana Lyn knows what she’s doing. She is a well versed, experienced writer and blogger. Elana has been featured in some very recognizable places like; TIMETeen VogueFortuneForbesWomen’s HealthFast Company and Business Insider to name a few. Providing a space where you can find credible knowledge and advice in the areas of wellness, career, lifestyle and actionable job searching. Elana Lyn is a must.


The Well Traveled Postcard is a dream come true to my wanderlust heart. Virginia is a 27 year old world traveler, and blogger. She offers beautiful photos, stories and the invitation to life your best life. Traveling to 51 countries –so far- she has the experience and know-how to really offer something unique. If you’re a traveler, or dream of far off places; Virginia is your girl.



Tendril Wild is haven for all introverts. Bria, the voice behind TW is a self-proclaimed introvert who encourages self-care, self-love and an has a big open heart for community. Reading Bria’s words will leave you feeling included, understood and empowered being exactly who you are.


Gen Twenty is the 20-somethings guide to life, founded by Nicole Booz. Nicole’s goal is to connect with others through personal development. She has 9+ contributors on board with her who add a wide rang of experience and knowledge to GT. “If you need to hear that everything is going to be okay, here it is: Everything is going to work out just fine.” – Gen Twenty 

Smart Twenties is a down to earth, pretty space full of what we are all already thinking and questions we have asked. Sam, the 26 year old who writes for ST. She is passionate about personal development, and helping others navigate the something mysterious walk of being in your 20s. Sam is a personal fav.


Lydia Lois is a 20-something, wife and blogger. Her goal is to help others learn to live their best life, on less. She is full of smart and dynamic tips to help you live debt free, without credit cards while still being fulfilled. You don’t need to buy your way to happiness, belonging or “success”. The life you want is out there and it’s not bought by your credit card!” – Lydia 

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Comment below! I would love to see what you love to read.